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ActiveCast Global meets all of your Corporate Communication needs; offering an extensive suite of services. Our goal is to provide you with the utmost in customer service as well as effective and efficient solutions for all of your corporate messaging needs.

EmailCast is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate quickly and accurately with your target audience. EmailCAST is the most robust Full-Service Email Broadcasting solution available for high-volume distribution; including interactive features and support for high-quality graphics.

EmailCAST Pre-Send

  • Conversion of PSD, Word, PDF, etc to Responsive HTML Template

  • Recommendations to highlight your Unique Value Proposition

  • Recommendations for a powerful Call-To-Action

  • Recommendations for Email Design

  • Email list consolidation

  • Full Email Address Verification

  • Flagging of Invalid Email Addresses

  • Removal of Syntax Errors and Spam Email Addresses

  • Full Spam Testing to Guarantee Delivery to Gmail, Hotmail, and ALL OTHER Inboxes

EmailCAST Send

  • Full Merge Capabilities ("Dear Jane…etc")

  • Full Graphics Capabilities

  • Full Attachment Capabilities

  • CAN-SPAM / CASL / GDPR Compliance

  • Social Media Integration

  • Fast Sending (up to 925,000 emails / hour)

EmailCAST Post-Send

  • Open & Link Tracking

  • Consolidated Reports & Next-Send-Recommendations

  • List Maintenance

EmailCAST Extras

  • Graphic Design

  • Copywriting Services

  • Translation Services

FaxCast broadcasting is a reliable delivery method for sending personalized faxes; allowing you to communicate effortlessly with your members, employees, customers, or other partners quickly and cost effectively. Driven by client feedback and demand, ActiveCast Global has developed a new enhanced fax messaging tool.

PhoneCast is a newly branded voice/audio broadcasting and message delivery service capable of accurately delivering thousands of pre-recorded message to your prospect or customer's answering machines or voice mail service each and every hour.

VideoCast merges the simplicity and convenience of regular email with the power of video, without the recipient having to download any attachments, or install any special software.  Contact us for more information about this service.

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